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Who are those dudes?  Back in the day, they were known as Snafoo.  There once was a time when Snafoo roamed the east coast and ruled all every venue they set foot in.  Little did they know that all those venues would close soon after. Nevertheless, the mighty Foo trudged on until they could trudge no more.  It still hasn’t stopped them from trying to crank out music for the masses, and posted below are some tracks that were mixed from archive recording sessions and pieced together by yours truly.  If you want to download them, visit: Help yourself, and we hope you enjoy. 

The Beach


GPT (Garth’s Pretty Tune)


Sticks & Clay


Below is what started it all. $2500, a studio in Livingston NJ, and some dudes that wanted to make music. Snafoo’s first demo from 2000. An oldie, but a goody.



Louis, the gnome



Gonna Be Like

Shortly after, we recorded an album called “Private Stock” withing in the loving and comfortable confines of the garage at Club Bino.  Some great hits came out of this album, and some are posted below. If you truly would like a copy of the full CD (shrinkwrapped and everything), feel free to message me through the site and I’ll have one sent to you.  What can I say? I have trouble letting go of the leftovers.

For S & Gs – Here is a :30 snip of “Spare Change” and 8 dude sub-set of the INCREDIBLY popular a cappella group “Ten & Change”.  This is our performance of “Home” by Marc Broussard at the Harmony Sweepstakes competition held in the Miller Theater at Columbia University.

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